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Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?

So many memories, good and bad, were birthed in that old barn. So when a friend told me that it had been bought by the neighbors, and was b

Why Celebrate Maundy Thursday?

While the word “Maundy” is not found anywhere in Scripture, John 13:34 describes that original Thursday evening, and does note that, during

You Have to try Pinterest!

Pinterest! It was love at first sight for me – a virtual playground of information and fun right at my fingertips.

How to Re-Purpose Those Plastic K-Cups

If you make coffee in those convenient Keurig coffee makers you, like me, might hate to just toss those little plastic cups after the coffee

Who Were The Magi (or 3 Kings)?

As an important part of the nativity story, “wise men from the East” have captivated our imagination. But who were they and why did they mak

Why God Chose Shepherds

Although the shepherds were not religious elitists, they were willing to simply believe what God told them, and to go where God invited them

Why Joseph of Nazareth?

Sometimes we forget that God also chose Joseph of Nazareth to serve as the step father of Jesus and gave him the awesome task of raising tha

We Have The Christmas Story All Wrong

I collect nativity sets, and I must say I love the traditional setting and characters in them. But a careful reading of the Bible indicates

The Only Bible Authorized by Congress

The Aitken Bible was more than just the first English language religious book printed in a new nation. It symbolized a final separation from

5 Ways to Encourage Others

His real name was Joseph, but his friends the apostles called him Barnabas (which means "Son of Encouragement") because of his kna

3 Biblical Ways to Handle Stress

The reality of the situation is that we can’t always control our stressful circumstances, but we can control our response to them.

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