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  • Barbra Davis

5 “Just for Fun” Websites You May Not Know About

If you spend any time at all on the internet, you know there are thousands of websites designed just to entertain or coax a smile from visitors. Throughout the years, I have visited many of them, but there are 5 that remain my consistent favorites because they are so unique. Listed below, in no particular order, are 5 sites I recommend you visit when you need a laugh or just a minute or two of fun. Click on the links, or paste them into your browser for hours of fun.

Just for fun sites

Warning: they could become addictive if you visit them often!

When things are going wrong, check out Oh the simplicity! Having a bad day? Family driving you crazy? Work a real challenge? Just push the button and suddenly everything is OK. The flashing sign assures you of it!

If you like background music... Visit this ultimate sound board and you’ll find a whole assortment of sound bites:

The site features a series of brightly colored sound “buttons.” Each is has a title describing the noise it makes when you push it. Try them all or choose just one. I like the green “careless whisper” one best, but “game cube intro” ranks right up there, too. Great office fun if you share them with co-workers. As Bill Cosby was fond of saying, we should all have “theme music” for our lives. Give them all a try. I’ve noticed that they add and subtract buttons every so often.

Lego fun When my kids were little, I loved to join them playing with Legos, those little plastic blocks you use to build all kinds of fun things. This site isn’t officially Lego-approved, but the little figures you can create makes me think of those days. Click on: and it allows you to create a plastic version of yourself. What fun to combine the various body parts, hair colors and accessories! You could look much younger, or just take on a different persona. Takes me back a lot of years.

Check your memory I found this site through Pinterest, and I find it very addictive. It’s supposed to help those looking for ways to improve their memory, but I just think it’s fun to play. The board is small, but it keeps track of your time and number of moves. I always challenge myself to do better each time. The pictures are pretty, and you win every time. Enjoy!

Finally, a site just for and about men

Some of it’s motivational, some is just plain silly, but this whole site is very entertaining – even for women. Stop by when you feel like a good chuckle. The whole site is visually fun, but it offers a lot of practical information, too.

Want to learn how to get out of handcuffs or field dress a squirrel? That’s a sample of the type of stuff taught in their “Manly skills” section. Another tab takes you to a section where you can learn practical skills like tying a bow tie or dressing for a job interview.

Whatever else you read, be sure you check out the dating advice from 1944 for some tips that might prevent some 21st century problems when you choose a girl! Finally, if you are in a hurry, just click on the “Library of Random Man Knowledge” to get a thought that might stick with you all day long.

Bonus site: Just found this site and am fascinated with the weird websites it finds. Go to the site and click on the pink “PLEASE” button. You will be whisked off to some fun and interesting sites. I loved the waving worm but I also thought the flying corndogs were pretty unique. Give it a try!

Your Turn Hope you have as much fun with these websites as I have. If you have a favorite in the same vein as these, please share the fun!

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