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A Little About Me

I’ve been a writer ever since I can remember... In second grade I wrote a poem so good one of my classmates accused me of stealing it from a book. I was totally thrilled with the accusation. Then my 8th grade teacher called me to her desk one day and said, "You are a wonderful writer. Have you considered doing it as a profession?" After that I wrote for the school paper, the yearbook, a fan club – any place they would let me share my words.

Eventually, I worked as a journalist for a local paper, a job I enjoyed for 13 years. I have written countless articles for church publications and spent 6-7 years writing for Yahoo’s "Voices" division. When it closed, I was left with a series of articles which once again belonged to me. Now I can share them with you!

I’ve served as Church Secretary in 3 different churches over a span of more than a quarter century. That job also lead to other work: Bible Study Teacher, Women’s Committee member, Assimilation Coordinator, newsletter editor and many more.

My most recent adventure was in the business world, when my husband, Jim, and I opened a stained glass studio. Jim had decades of experience working with glass – I had never even considered the hobby. But as we began to develop the business, I found I loved working with glass, and it was a great creative outlet for me, too. (You can find out about the cute little suncatchers I offer by clicking on my shop icon, or contacting me for more details.) It’s now one of my "late in life" passions.

But my best job has been wife/mother/grandmother, which continues to be a lifetime position. I have loved every minute of raising my children (well, maybe not the teen years so much) and am now enjoying the opportunity to see them raise children of their own. My husband, Jim, has been one of my greatest blessings in life as we have grown and matured together.

Oh, I can’t forget to introduce my 2 fur babies, Max and Shaddow. These adorable cats are such a part of our lives that I have to list them as "family." They entertain us, frustrate us, and make life so much more interesting because they share our home.

My other interests are collecting nativity sets and sand castles, and reading anything about King Arthur. I’m a coffee lover and a great fan of all things chocolate – and of cheese. I could spend days on Pinterest and I enjoy doing research on a variety of topics.

So there you have it – you know quite a bit about me now, my new friend. That’s how I got to this place and time, and why I want to share my experiences with you.

If you want to learn about Jesus, I’ll introduce you. Want to know something about stained glass? Come with me. Want to start your own craft business? I’ll share the good and bad news with you. Need some input on cats and how to deal with them? I have an article for that. Join me and make this season just as wonderful as God designed it to be as we age gracefully together.

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