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Think You Can’t Change the World? Think Again!

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

During my daily perusal of Pinterest I came across a quote that started me thinking about the impact I have on the world around me. The quote began by commenting on time travel, a topic that has always fascinated me. If you have read any books or seen any movies about time travel, you know that travelers must always be very careful not to make any change in the “timeline” of the past. Even little changes, like killing an insect or revealing a secret can produce huge changes in the future.

But, fascinating as that idea is to me, it was the second half of the quote that caught my eye. If someone in the past is so careful not to make small changes, why are we in this time afraid not to? Perhaps one small change will have a huge impact on the future!I’ve been thinking about that all day... Could I do some small thing today to make the world different–and better? Years ago a lady in the church I worked for came to me to ask for prayer. Her problem: she had always wanted to change the world, but felt that she was growing too old to make a difference. As we discussed what changing the world would look like, we decided that God wants us to change our own world–our sphere of influence–and he will handle the bigger impact.

Perhaps the “small change” I can make is in feeding the homeless children of my community. I learned there are hundreds of them in my county, but I don’t personally know any homeless people. How can I change the lives of the young ones? Well, I can give to the local food bank where the homeless go for supplies. I can make a meal for the local Tuesday evening outreach to the homeless community. If that small kindness impacts even one child, won’t it change their world, their thinking?

I cried for the poor people of the Bahamas who suffered days of relentless rain and wind as Hurricane Dorian battered their islands. I can’t afford to sail or fly there to take them food and water, but I know several organizations which can. By donating to them, I can help the people impacted by that storm, and help change their world.

Closer to home, when I hear of someone in my church who is hurt or sick or suffering in some way, I can take the time to find a special card and write them a personal note of encouragement. On more than one occasion, the recipient of one of my cards has told me, “You’ll never know how much that little note meant to me.” It showed them someone cared. It changed their world.

In the same way, I make little stained glass angels to give people in my area when I think they need a reminder that they are loved and cared for. It costs me little more than a bit of my time, but it can mean so much to someone who receives that glowing reminder of someone’s love.

So I ask you, “What small thing can you do today to change the world?” What talent or skill or gift do you have to share? Do you like to clean (ugh)? Do you love buying gifts? Do you like to sing? Do you like to bake? We all have something to share and, if we are willing to do some small thing, together we WILL change the world.

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