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Fun Words And Their Meaning

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

At, we aim to educate and uplift. To that end, I share the following words, with short definitions, for your personal use. Go ahead, use them to amaze and mystify your friends with your exotic knowledge. Perhaps you will even find yourself in some of the definitions, as I did (I’m afraid I have GPS).

These are words I have collected over the past year while I was fudgeling during the quarantine. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Abracadabra – a Hebrew phrase meaning, “I create what I speak.”

Acosmist – one who believes that nothing exists.

Balter – to dance without any particular skill or grace, but with pleasure (middle English).

Cherophobia – one who actively avoids being happy.

Clinomania – the obsession to lay in bed all day.

Coddiwomple – to travel in a purposeful way toward a vague destination.

Earworm – a tune or song fragment that repeats over and over in your mind.

Fudgel – pretending to work when you are not actually doing anything at all.

Furphy – Australian word for a story that seems impossible but is claimed to be factual.

Grammar Pedantry Syndrome – GPS, a form or OCD in which sufferers compulsively correct every grammatical error. People who can’t stand when language isn’t used as it should be.

Groke – an old Scottish word meaning to stare at someone while they are eating hoping they will share. (My cat has this.)

Hyperthymesia – a condition that allows people to remember every detail of their lives with great precision. Only 20 people in the world are known to have it.

Nigglywiggly – the actual name of the little paper “flag” sticking out of the top of a Hershey’s kiss.

Overmorrow – the day after tomorrow.

Paralian – one who lives near the sea.

Percussive Maintenance – the term for shaking or hitting a device so it starts working again.

Pluviophile – one who finds joy and peace in the sound of the rain – a lover of rain.

Psithurism – the sound of leaves rustling in the trees.

Tittle – a tiny amount or part of something. The dot over an “I” or “j.”

So, do you have any new and fun words to share?

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